SM Mallidays: A Sparkling Christmas Countdown at SM Malls

It’s already the beginning of the ‘ber’ months and there’s no doubt that Christmas spirit is in the air. Hearing the familiar holiday tune “Christmas in Our Hearts” that could only come from Jose Mari Chan, only reminds us that Christmas is about loving.

What’s makes our holiday season in the Philippines meaningful; and unique is that fact that we Pinoys are the most excited people in any part of the globe. Imagine having the longest holiday season in the world? Who can beat that? And, with SM Malls around for sure it’s going to be a Sparkling 100 Days of Christmas Countdown.

Last September 16 SM Malls begins to light up the holiday season in an event that officially opens the 100 Days of Sparkling SM Mallidays!

“This Christmas season, friends and families can look forward to bigger and brighter events, installations, and activities at SM, the “Home of Family Reunions”, as we continue to light up everyone’s lives in SM malls nationwide”, said by Steve Tan, SM Supermalls COO.

Now that the countdown to Christmas has officially started, SM Malls got it all lined up for us and we can look forward to a sparkling holiday season with:

·       Awesome Christmas gift ideas. Great selections of items for your early Christmas shopping in a practical and yet impressive holiday Christmas baskets that starts as low as Php 350. Watsons gift sets starts at Php99. this October.

·       SM Supermalls’ Spotify holiday tunes. Listening to SM Supermalls’ Christmas hand-picked Spotify playlist that features this holiday’s favorite tunes including SM’s Christmas jingle SM Mallidays will certainly set the mood for the holiday season. Tuned in and feel the Christmas vibe!

·       Irresistible SM shopping deals. Gifting and shopping are easy at SM Malls with fantastic discounts of up to 50% off! The Babies & Kids Sale is now on until October 31. A special SM Pre-Holiday Sale happening this October 5 to November will give you up to 70% off on many items perfect for your holiday shopping spree.
·       Dear SM Santa to fulfill your wishes. SM Malls will make wishes happen with #DearSMSanta wherein 60 lucky winners will have their wishes granted. To learn more about the Dear SM Santa promo check the full mechanics at www.smsupermalls.com/dearsmsanta

·       Sharing some loving. The season is all about loving and one way to show this is by giving. This is the perfect season to share some love. SM makes it simple and easy by just buying a pair of SM Bears of Joy for only Php200. One is for keeps while the other SM Bear of Joy goes to a lucky kid from a chosen charity.

So this holiday season, remember that SM Malls brings you the best of everything to make your holiday meaningful and memorable.


Heart Health Alert

Heart is a major organ that is classified as the hardest working muscle in the body. The heart pumps blood non-stop throughout the body thru the circulatory system. It is responsible in supplying oxygen and nutrients to body tissues while getting rid of wastes such as carbon dioxide. Heart- indeed is the powerhouse of the human body and it is only right that we should take good care of it.

One serious cardiovascular condition is heart attack and it can trigger cardiac arrest which is one of the leading causes of deaths in the world. 

Heart attacks can have devastating effects that will suddenly change the way of living of any individual afflicted by this. But, as innovations are taking place with latest medical breakthroughs, prevention and proper guidelines on cardiovascular diseases are within reach through the right connections.

The partnership between Zuellig Pharma Corporation and Amgen Philippines Inc., aims to heighten the awareness on cardiovascular diseases or CVD through various initiatives and educational campaigns. This partnership targets to improve the way CVD is prevented and being properly managed.

In a recent report by pas.gov, there are more than 130,000 deaths associated with cardiovascular diseases in the Philippines alone in 2016. CVD is a complex health condition that has many risk factors as it develops. One of the most common risk is Dyslipidemia which is caused by having abnormal level of lipids in a person’s blood.

Lipids also known as fats are responsible in maintaining power to the cells wherein cholesterol is needed in the production of bodily hormones and bile acids essential for good digestion.

The human body has both good and bad cholesterol. Low Density Lipoprotein or LDL-C is recognized as bad cholesterol and having high levels of this can contribute to the development of cardiovascular diseases. Increased LDL-C in the bloodstream predisposes an individual to developing atherosclerotic plaque deposits which blocks the arteries of the heart leading to stroke or heart attack. Maintaining the levels of LDL-C in good balance will significantly lower the chances of having cardiovascular diseases.

For years, doctors usually prescribe statins as treatment in lowering LDL-C in most patients. With the onset of various health conditions not all patients treated with statins have successful results which they would need an innovative approach. Having access to latest treatments will help manage dyslipidemia effectively which result to just the right levels of lipids while improving the way of living of patients.

Good thing that Amgen Philippines Inc. and Zuellig Pharma Corporation have the heart in committing to the improvement of the lives of dyslipidemia patients and their families by providing sound information and solution in making necessary actions in preventing and managing health risks associated with CVD.


"PAGBALIK" an Offcial Entry to Pista ng Pelikula 2019

PISTA NG PELIKULA is the perfect avenue to celebrate the wonderful 100 years of Philippine Cinema. It will showcase meaningful movies which include the only Visayan entry “PAGBALIK” (The Return).

Pagbalik tackles the hardships of being an OFW and the challenges of returning home. Many for sure would be able to relate to this story and can easily find empathy from the characters in this film.

Starring Gloria Sevilla, Vince Ranillo, Suzette Ranillo, and Alora Sasam, PAGBALIK depicts the reality of handling relationships among family and the responsibilities that go along with it. As Filipinos, we have strong reverence towards our parents which shows strong family ties. No doubt that Gloria Sevilla which plays as the elderly stubborn mother to an OFW Suzette Ranillo, becomes the focal of the movie and with her natural acting ability audience will be treated to a thought provoking and moving movie experience like no other.

The Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino (PPP) is a week-long celebration of Philippine Cinema where new quality genre Filipino films are screened for one (1) week in all regular cinemas nationwide. No foreign film will be screened during PPP except in specialty cinemas to give the opportunity for the whole country to celebrate its own local films. This event is organized by the Film Development Council of the Philippines in partnership with the National Cinema Association of the Philippines.

In the last two years, PPP has created a culture of support from the audience and FDCP intends to continue this tradition to continuously engage moviegoers nationwide to patronize local films.

Release date: September 13, 2019, an official Pista ng Pelikula Entry, Sandaan Showcase

Directed by: Hubert Tibi and Maria Ranillo
Cast: Gloria Sevilla, Vince Ranillo, Suzette Ranillo, and Alora Sasam
Production Companies: Nuances Entertainment Productions and PRO.PRO, released thru Solar Pictures, Inc.

Genre: Family Drama 
MTRCB Rating: G (General Audience, all ages admitted)
Running Time: 1HR 33MINS (including hardlock of 5-minute shortfilm “Kanlungan”)

Rica (50s), after working abroad, comes home to stay with Choleng (85), her ageing mother, until she finds new work. She learns what her mother has done all the years when she was working abroad.

Rica (50s), after working abroad comes home to stay with her ageing mother until she finds new work. She is disappointed to discover that all past years of sending money to the Philippines to repair their old home amounted to nothing. It looks the same way as she left it years ago. Her son, Vincent (18), is finishing college and needs to focus on his studies so Rica takes over to be a caregiver to her mom, Choleng (85).

Taking care of her stubborn elderly mother is a nightmare. She never thought that it can be so difficult. Choleng complains about everything and treats Rica like a child which she really despised. Afternoons are spent on prayer meetings and evenings on more praying. Rica realizes that her mother's difficult behavior is caused by her impaired hearing. With the help of their prayer meeting group they pitched in to buy her a hearing aid that she refuses to use. It reaches a point that Rica and Choleng start fighting. Rica blames her mother for her futile sacrifice of working abroad. Rica decides to accept an offer to work abroad again. Choleng requests for her not to leave anymore. Rica thinks otherwise. In the end, Rica learns what Choleng has done all the years that she was working abroad. 


Pagbalik is one of the official entries for Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino 2019.  It is the only Visayan entry to this year's festival.