2017 Job Happiness Index by JobStreet

MANILA, October 25, 2017 – The Philippines’ job satisfaction level dropped from 5.25 in 2016 to its current rating of 4.97 on a 10-point scale. According to JobStreet.com’s 2017 Job Happiness Index, the key factors associated with unhappiness at work are lack of career development and training opportunities, as well as the management style of a company’s leadership team.

JobStreet.com surveyed 9,326 Philippine respondents from July 31 to August 31, 2017. The respondents were from different position levels (predominantly junior executives and supervisors) and represented a diverse mix of specializations. Fifty-six percent of respondents came from the National Capital Region, 12% from Southern Tagalog, 7% from overseas, 6% from Central Luzon, and 5% from Cebu City/Province.

“More and more Filipinos are looking for career development. They want to move forward in their chosen fields, but the lack of career development and training opportunities in their current companies seem to hold them back,” jobStreet.com Country Manager Philip Gioca said.

When respondents were asked what will make them happier in the next six months, 33% said a salary increase would help, but 23% wish to resign and get a new job.

Colleagues and work location make Filipinos happy at work
The respondents who said they were happy cited colleagues, work location, and company reputation as the top three drivers of workplace satisfaction. This is largely true across all demographics.

Baby Boomers are the happiest

According to the study, in terms of generations, baby boomers, or those born before 1960, are the happiest at 5.63, followed by the those belonging to Generation Z at 5.10.

The same can be said in terms of position level, where the top executives or the more established segment of the workforce, which are expectedly populated by the baby boomers, as well as the Fresh Graduates, have the highest happiness score.

Generation Xers barely managed to score above neutral at 5, while millennials, who compose the majority of workplaces, are below neutral with an average of 4.9.

“The results of this study serve as a wake-up call for companies who wonder why there is such a high turnover rate. Career development, training opportunities, and the management style of the company’s leadership team are just some of the reasons why many Filipinos are unhappy in the workplace. It would be best if managers can get to the heart of why this is happening as each company’s DNA is unique,” Gioca added.

The 2017 Job Happiness Index was conducted in Southeast Asia, with a sample size of 35,513. Job satisfaction is highest in Indonesia (5.27), followed by Vietnam (5.19), the Philippines (4.97), Malaysia (4.65), Thailand (4.55), Hong Kong (4.45), and Singapore (4.31).

For more information about JobStreet.com and the 2017 Job Happiness Index, please visit the website at http://wwww.jobstreet.com.ph.


El Mateo Deli Ends the Quest for Yummy Spreads

Foodies behold, the long wait is over. The search for great tasting spreads that go perfect with breads and other food items now ends here since El Mateo is out to conquer each discriminating palate. 

I admit, I am a sucker for spreads since I love almost all types of bread. Glad to be invited to an extraordinary tasting event a few weeks ago for El Mateo Deli at Café Bene in Makati City.

When you found the one…. El Mateo Spreads are awesomely good!

So delighted that El Mateo Spreads have many variants aside from their original and first ever chili based spread called Chilicioso that comes in Chili Mango (what? yes you heard right), Special Chili and the delectable Chili Shitake Mushroom. Chilicioso can be compared to popular local food sambal of Indonesia and Malaysia. But wait there’s more! 

At the El Mateo tasting event, exciting new variants of flavorful spreads were introduced. These are- Wild Berries with Chia Seeds, Salmon Pate, Creamy Cheese and Pesto. All are yummy.

About El Mateo

Through the collaboration of couple Ella Valdez and Jen Alambra, El Mateo was conceptualized. The former draws from her background in food and manufacturing while the latter specializes in architecture and design. The brand name, El Mateo,  comes from the names of Ella Valdez and her son, Matthew.

Armed with years in the food industry, Ella specializes in coffee production helping local coffee shops and local farmers. On the other hand, Jen has a degree in Architecture and is into design. Passionate about quality food, the couple thought of coming up with a food line that supports local agriculture as well as provide quality food items to the consumers.

El Mateo perfected their initial chili paste product called Chilicioso along with their coffee and later expanded to other food items. The inspiration for El Mateo’s initial products, a line of chili-based spreads and dips in resealable jars, came from a 2-hectare chili farm in Porac, Pampanga, which she manages together with her partner.  

As of the moment, you can inquire and order via El Mateo Facebook or grab some jars from The Earth Kitchen located at White Plains, QC.

El Mateo Product Description and Price
Assorted Butterscotch Php 135.00/ pack
Rich chewy dessert bar with assorted flavours to choose from:Cashew, Mango, Green Mango, Coffee with Walnuts,. White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate

Biscotti Php 110.00/pack
Crispy twice baked dessert best paired with coffee or tea.Flavor: Dark chocolate with almond; Cranberry with walnut, Christmas (limited time only)
Shelf Life: 6 months

Cheese Pesto Php135.00/110gms
Blended creamy cheese with fresh basil herbs and spices. Ideal spread for crackers, sour dough bagels, and other baked dishes.

Mixed Berries Chia Php110.00/125gms
Combination of sweet ripe raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and chia seeds. Ideal for breakfast pancakes and hot toasts.

Chilicioso Php180.00/125gms
Freshly picked, organically grown chili with spices and herbs. Ideal ingredient for hot spicy soup, meat and seafood dishes, and can also be used as a dimsum sauce.
Shelf Life: 3 months

Coffee (Whole beans and ground)
100% Arabica Php 125.00/ 110gms
Carefully handpicked Philippine Arabica coffee from the high altitude farms on the mountains of Benguet. This brew is medium bodied and is best paired with ensaymada and other light pastries.

Blend Php 85.00/110gms
A special blend of Phlippine Arabica and Robusta coffee that gives a flavourful rich aroma and taste. Coffee is best paired with dessert and suitable for people who prefer a full bodied cuppa every morning.
Shelf Life: Whole beans: 1 year Ground: 2 weeks


Royal SportsFest Sale: Early Christmas Treat

Striptop Outlet Store will stage the 1st Royal SportsFest Sale on October 14-18, 2017 from 10am to 7pm at the YWCA Gym (Young Women’s Christian Association) along Gen Luna St., Ermita Manila beside Manila Med Hospital and very near at LRT UN Station. 

Participating brands like Reebok, Nike, And1, Dunlop, Spalding, Boxfresh, Rockport, and Scholl offer big discounts as early Christmas treat.  Customers will also enjoy great finds on great selections sporting shoes, bags, accessories and equipment.

RCBC Bankard, the bank partner of MCTI for this event, offers its credit cardholders with 0% interest for up to 12 months.  Special giveaways and freebies will also be given for those who will sign up for the credit card during the event.

All major credit cards are accepted.

This event is organized by Striptop Outlet Store in partnership with our media partners WheninManila.com, Ask by Flow Galindez and CongenialityTess blog.

For more information about the event, call Striptop Outlet Store at 399-2935. You may also follow us through Facebook Fanpage, Twitter and Instagram: @striptopoutletstore for more updates in this event.


Gangnam Wings Reload with Best Korean Dishes

MANDALUYONG CITY – Reloaded with media partners, and bloggers, Gangnam Wings (GW) had successfully launched their new chicken menus at the Megastrip Building A of SM Megamall, Ortigas Center.

Along with the media launch of the Korean restobar, they also held the "Lord of the Wings" Challenge where three big-stomach foodies had competed to eat a kilo of chicken wings within five minutes. 

Mr. Lord Ancheta won the challenge eating a total of six chicken wings.

Mr. Lord Ancheto as he received his token shirt for winning the “Lord of the Wings” Challenge.

They also conducted the ‘Battle of the Wings” where there are two sets of five blind-folded customers to choose their preferred chicken wings labelled BRAND A and BRAND B as they do the taste test.  As a result, eight out of ten people chose Brand A which was later on revealed as Gangnam Wings.

Gangnam Wings aim to distinguish itself from the wide choice of chicken dishes offered by the competing chicken joints by using the company’s proprietary double-frying and hand-brushing techniques that gives a distinct taste to their food.

Chicken recipes of GWs’ main product line like Gangnam Original (Crispy) Wings, Gangnam Yangnyum (Sweet) Wings, Gangnam Spicy (Spicy and Sweet) Wings, and Gangnam Ganjang (Soya) Wings were served during the aforementioned event.

They also offer a wide selection of authentic Korean dishes and fusion to meet the taste of every Filipino like Yangpa Bomb, Kimchi Fries, Japchae Noodles, Budae JJigae and a unique range of fruit-infused Soju cocktails and Bingsu desserts.

GW have its new product lines to complement their best-selling Korean dishes with a combination of western cuisines like the cheese chicken salad; spicy teriyaki chicken salad; Bulgogi Burger; Beef Bulgogi Sandwich, Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich; Kimchi Con Carne Fries; Buffalo Wings, among others.

The Gangnam Wings Restobar in SM Megamall was creatively designed as they put grills in its interior with lots of artificial plants lit warmly so as to make it look more warm and cozy that will enhance the dining experience of each customers.

– Mr. Rinky Tuano, President-CEO of GW and Ms. Jennie Villanueva, Marketing Manager do the FINGER HEART sign.

According to Ms. Jennie Villanueva, Marketing Manager of Gangnam Wings, their product line is an influence of authentic Korean cuisine with a little bit of Western fusion which makes it a unique combo that Filipinos, being food lovers, will truly enjoy. She also mentioned that there is more to the finger heart sign Koreans are mostly accustomed to, that we know, as it is not just about the tip of the thumb and forefinger that represents the heart, rather it is the whole hand gesture that puts emphasis on the actual heart shape, and it symbolizes their sincerity as a company to provide the love for Korean food authenticity, good food, good service.

"We're just eight months old. It was December 8, 2016 when Gangnam Wings was first opened. The concept came from Singapore and we did the business development. We went to Korea, specifically in Gangnam District where you can see lots of chicken businesses. This (the GW branch in SM Megamall) is our pioneer branch and we’re looking forward to expand GW branches in Mall of Asia, Iloilo, and Pampanga in the coming years," Mr. Rinky Tuano, President-CEO of Gangnam Wings says.