El Mateo Deli Ends the Quest for Yummy Spreads

Foodies behold, the long wait is over. The search for great tasting spreads that go perfect with breads and other food items now ends here since El Mateo is out to conquer each discriminating palate. 

I admit, I am a sucker for spreads since I love almost all types of bread. Glad to be invited to an extraordinary tasting event a few weeks ago for El Mateo Deli at Café Bene in Makati City.

When you found the one…. El Mateo Spreads are awesomely good!

So delighted that El Mateo Spreads have many variants aside from their original and first ever chili based spread called Chilicioso that comes in Chili Mango (what? yes you heard right), Special Chili and the delectable Chili Shitake Mushroom. Chilicioso can be compared to popular local food sambal of Indonesia and Malaysia. But wait there’s more! 

At the El Mateo tasting event, exciting new variants of flavorful spreads were introduced. These are- Wild Berries with Chia Seeds, Salmon Pate, Creamy Cheese and Pesto. All are yummy.

About El Mateo

Through the collaboration of couple Ella Valdez and Jen Alambra, El Mateo was conceptualized. The former draws from her background in food and manufacturing while the latter specializes in architecture and design. The brand name, El Mateo,  comes from the names of Ella Valdez and her son, Matthew.

Armed with years in the food industry, Ella specializes in coffee production helping local coffee shops and local farmers. On the other hand, Jen has a degree in Architecture and is into design. Passionate about quality food, the couple thought of coming up with a food line that supports local agriculture as well as provide quality food items to the consumers.

El Mateo perfected their initial chili paste product called Chilicioso along with their coffee and later expanded to other food items. The inspiration for El Mateo’s initial products, a line of chili-based spreads and dips in resealable jars, came from a 2-hectare chili farm in Porac, Pampanga, which she manages together with her partner.  

As of the moment, you can inquire and order via El Mateo Facebook or grab some jars from The Earth Kitchen located at White Plains, QC.

El Mateo Product Description and Price
Assorted Butterscotch Php 135.00/ pack
Rich chewy dessert bar with assorted flavours to choose from:Cashew, Mango, Green Mango, Coffee with Walnuts,. White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate

Biscotti Php 110.00/pack
Crispy twice baked dessert best paired with coffee or tea.Flavor: Dark chocolate with almond; Cranberry with walnut, Christmas (limited time only)
Shelf Life: 6 months

Cheese Pesto Php135.00/110gms
Blended creamy cheese with fresh basil herbs and spices. Ideal spread for crackers, sour dough bagels, and other baked dishes.

Mixed Berries Chia Php110.00/125gms
Combination of sweet ripe raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and chia seeds. Ideal for breakfast pancakes and hot toasts.

Chilicioso Php180.00/125gms
Freshly picked, organically grown chili with spices and herbs. Ideal ingredient for hot spicy soup, meat and seafood dishes, and can also be used as a dimsum sauce.
Shelf Life: 3 months

Coffee (Whole beans and ground)
100% Arabica Php 125.00/ 110gms
Carefully handpicked Philippine Arabica coffee from the high altitude farms on the mountains of Benguet. This brew is medium bodied and is best paired with ensaymada and other light pastries.

Blend Php 85.00/110gms
A special blend of Phlippine Arabica and Robusta coffee that gives a flavourful rich aroma and taste. Coffee is best paired with dessert and suitable for people who prefer a full bodied cuppa every morning.
Shelf Life: Whole beans: 1 year Ground: 2 weeks