PBB Housemates undergo COVID-19 Testing with Maxicare's LAB on Wheels

To ensure that housemates for the new season of Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) are all safe from COVID-19, Maxicare LAB on Wheels successfully conducted Antigen Testing for all members of the House, as part of the show’s health protocols.

Maxicare LAB on Wheels successfully conducted Antigen Testing for the Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) housemates.

Being the first PBB season to be held under the new normal, auditions were held online, and safety measures were strictly observed before entering the house. These include medical, psychological, and COVID-19 testing.


Adhering to Maxicare’s stringent health standards, the Antigen Tests were administered by PPE-geared registered medical technologists and nurses.


“The goal is to limit unnecessary contact and exposure,” says a Maxicare staff member who facilitated the testing process. “Each housemate entered the testing room one by one then they went to their respective rooms as soon as the tests were done. For maximum protection, all housemates were required to wear face masks and face shields.”


The entire process, from testing to releasing of results, took only around 2 hours.


PBB Housemates Chico Alicano (left) and Jie-Ann Armero (right) during the antigen testing as part of the show’s health protocols prior to the premiere of its new season.

The tests were made possible through Maxicare LAB on Wheels, Maxicare’s fully equipped mobile health vans for COVID-19 (Roche Antibody Test, Antigen Test, and RTPCR Test) and routine blood testing. Now, patients no longer have to wade through the traffic or wait in crowded rooms for hours. Maxicare would be the one who will come and visit the preferred location within Metro Manila, ensuring that the group meets the entire minimum requirement.


Each mobile health van has a testing capacity of up to 100 people per day. Maxicare LAB on Wheels also offers access to Telemedicine video consultation, uses an electronic medical record system, and sends the results via email.



Just like how Maxicare took care of the PBB housemates, it aims to reach more Filipinos so they can live their best lives wherever they are.   


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