Be a Game Changer with iACADEMY

We can all agree that our children are our future and they will be the game changers of this evolving world. Giving the best education is a number one priority for most parents but in many cases what they thought was the best was not really good for their kids.

Parents failed in realizing that their children are individuals and have different interests in life. Most parents are trying to impose their passé belief systems such as what should their son or daughter take up in college and what suits them. Their intentions were really good but do they realize that their kids may have a certain passion for something creative and would like to pursue it?

Each person is unique with individual character and talents. Being happy with one’s career is when work becomes passion- right? 

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What is iACADEMY?

iACADEMY is an innovative school that was founded in 2005. It started teaching information technology that focused on anything related to computers and eventually moved forward by offering tracks or courses that are designed to prepare this generation to #BeTheGameChangers that will move and shake the future.

iACADEMY has two buildings or campuses in Makati. One in Yakal Street which is a new structure called iACADEMY Nexus and the one in Buendia. Both campuses are modernly designed with the latest innovations in learning tools and an environment conducive to optimum learning. 

iACADEMY school is a nontraditional learning institution that offers senior high school and college. The courses or tracks that features interests in the fields of robotics, graphic, cinema, audio, software, app and fashion designs. They also have courses in business and in psychology. All iACADEMY tracks or courses are carefully designed to prepare students for a brighter future in a career that is really for them. 

iACADEMY Nexus Open House Key Speakers

Jake Aragon. Vice President for Academics iACADEMY
John Gregory Jose  App Developer

Angelyn Mercado Robotics
Des Feliciano Black Pencil Manila

Paolo Agudelo Sound Engineer
Erica Ngui Faculty of School of Design

Anna Abrera Psychology Department
Shieradel Jimenez  Dean of School of Busines

Mitch Andaya Dean Emeritus iACADEMY

Here are the impressive tracks and courses of iACADEMY:


iACADEMY provides its senior high students two years of a solid robotics curriculum that includes design, study, research, and actual prototype-making.

According to iACADEMY Assistant Principal for Senior High School, Mel Obedoza, their robotics program gives the right foundation to support students to get jobs right away or pursue higher studies in robotics science.

iACADEMY VP for Academics Francis Jacob Aragon also explained that their students are required to design robot prototypes that can potentially help their community and society at large.

“The robots our students will design have to address a social issue. They must respond to a societal concern or problem. The robots they create will be the solutions,” he said.

Robots are now taking over on how we manufacture and process things. They are utilized in many industries from creating cars, food processing, manufacturing of goods, transportation, medical field, and many more.

“Robots and AI will eventually replace human workers who perform low-level, repetitive tasks. However, we will still need humans to perform the mid-level and high-level jobs. iACADEMY graduates will be occupying those jobs.” said Obedoza. 

                     iACADEMY Classrooms

Audio Production 

Another iACADEMY track for senior high is Audio Production. This is a field that focuses on audio manipulations to be used on various applications such as for TV, video, movies, music, games and even extended reality and augmented reality. Students will also learn about 3-D sound and apply on their projects.
People communicate and learn better with video and augmented reality, and even through animation. None of that are possible without audio production.

“Everyone loves music. Everyone relates to sound. Just imagine a movie without any sound. The experience will be so much less,” said Obedoza.

Lightbox Room

Green Room

 Fashion Design- Sewing Room

Graphic Illustration

Arts through innovations has evolved into something better and now a significant part of this digital age. The word artist now takes a different profound meaning. Gone are the days when we say artist we associate it right away with painter or someone who draws. 
Today, the word “artist” really means something beyond the traditional arts of drawing, sketching, painting, and sculpture.

“Early on we already train our students in digital art. They start with drawing classes, but we take them to the next level which is digital illustration, 2D methodology, and 3D methodology. They need that if they want to pursue using technology to create art,” said Obedoza.

Graduates of this track have potential careers as animators, comic artists, illustrators; graphic designers, branding artists, marketing professionals; motion graphics creators, and producers of e-learning materials.

“When you talk about graphics illustration now, one of the key trends is augmented reality. Like Pokemon Go. Today, we use augmented reality (AR) to help ourselves learn better. Imagine being able to train someone to put together a motor, or perform a surgical operation, using AR.

“In order to be able to do that, you have to have a realistic mock-up of all those objects you are putting together, or the organs or tissues you are operating on. Those are created by graphics artists who specialize in 3-D,” said Obedoza.

 iACADEMY Library

App Development

Most people today are familiar with apps. Most of us are using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Messenger or Photo Collage and these apps are already integrated in our daily lives. But these are just the apps for the present and every day brings a challenge of creating more apps for just about anything in the near future- right? iACADEMY is already looking at the future of mobile app development, to help students build careers on it.

“We're not just looking at mobile app development right now. We're looking at what it will be in the future. We're looking at smart devices, wearable technology, and the internet of things. All these trending technologies including AI and robotics as well,” said Obedoza.

“If you have a strong foundation in app development, you can go into AI, data science, robotics, internet of things; you can create apps for business. You can join practically any industry. That's what we're preparing our students for,” said Obedoza.

According to Aragon, a future-geared education challenges the traditional mindset of what's in store for students after graduation.

“But that has to happen. The change can be so fast, it's hard to catch up. The world is changing and we're already using amazing technology that our students need to learn. We're taking it to the next level. It's awesome if we could put our students at the forefront of their future lives and careers.”

iACADEMY Cafeteria

The iACADEMY campus is at 7434 Yakal St., Brgy. San Antonio, Makati City. For more information,
call (02) 889 5555, or send a message at