Elken Philippines Launches Biopure Ultra

The most innovative water treatment system for home BIOPURE ULTRA was finally launched last April 21 at Elken Philippines head office in Ortigas. Attended by guests from media and distinguished sales agents for Elken, the event presented a new household appliance that will provide safe and healthy drinking water for Filipino households.

Featuring a 4-stage filtration system, the Elken Biopure Ultra water purifier works through hydrostatic pressure that forces tap water against a semi permeable membrane that will eliminate bacteria, sediments, contaminants, pesticides and other particles making water safe to drink with improved taste.

“Water is the building block to good health,” said Michael R. Long, product and research director for Elken. “We are constantly expose to internal and external factors that dehydrate us, be it from our environment, stress or unhealthy lifestyle. Having clean drinking water is one of the fundamental steps in ensuring we stay healthy,” he added.

How does ELKEN BIO PURE ULTRA water purifier works?
With four stages of filtration, the compact and sleek design of biopure ultra ensures clean and safe drinking water all the time for your family straight from the tap.

STAGE 1: This is where the initial filtration takes place wherein sediments filtered down contaminants to one micron in size.

STAGE 2: Utilizes an organic granular activated carbon pre-filter that removes all organic chemicals virtually.

STAGE 3: At this stage, tap water goes through the ultra-filter that removes parasites, bacteria, cysts, microscopic worms and other undesirable organisms. These are filtered at 0.1 micron in size.

STAGE 4: AT the final stage, this uses an organic granular activated post filter that deodorizes and polishes the tap water which will greatly improve its taste.

The BIOPURE ULTRA is just one of Elken’s excellent products that can immediately turn regular tap water into healthy drinking water.  It is cost effective in the long run and can ensure safe water for everyone.

To know more about Elken Philippines, please visit www.ph.elkenglobal.com or watch them on YouTube via iElken Global channel (https://goo.gl/QZSBci). You may like their Facebook page via www.facebook.com/Elken.Philippines to get latest updates.

Elken is also known not only on product efficacy, but also on the compensation plan that has been giving opportunities to a lot of people to build own businesses that will also help to build others to improve lives in meaningful ways. 

More than just products and business opportunity, Elken helps people create a sense of belonging to people by nurturing unity and trust while reaching out people to working together to turn their dreams into reality through the Elken way. 

Aside from solid and stable reputation in the multi-national marketing industry worldwide, Elken has been in the market for 20 years, and has offices in 30 cities, and yet keeps on expanding the business exponentially to maintain its pipeline in continuously creating a big difference in the society especially to the Philippine market.