Heritage Dried Fruits and Nuts from USA for Healthy Eating

People nowadays are starting to live healthy by incorporating positive changes that can help achieve overall well-being.

With the elevated level of consciousness, most of us want to at least change something for the better and it is as simple as snacking on healthier stuff.

Good thing HERITAGE PHILIPPINES is now here to provide us with the healthy goodness from nature straight from the US to our homes.

Heritage Philippines is committed to provide Filipinos with good quality and all-natural food choices that can be easily incorporated to one’s diet. These are dried fruits, juices, seeds and nuts from the US. 

Here some of the best healthy snack food from Heritage Philippines:

Raisins- are dehydrated grapes that become highly nutritious. Raisins are packed with good amounts of vitamin Bs, potassium and iron. They are also a good source of energy.  

Cranberries- consuming this berry in juices or simply by snacking on dried cranberry fruit is a delicious way to get healthy. Rich in ‘quercetin’, cranberries according to studies are able to stop the development of some cancers. It is popularly known to aid in urinary tract ailments too. Cranberries also support eye health by protecting the eyes from macular degeneration and decreases symptoms of cataracts This berry also supports heart health, maintains healthy digestive system, has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Containing high levels of potent antioxidants, cranberries effectively fight free radicals.

Pistachio- is a highly nutritious nut that is packed with immune system boosters. It aids in digestion while promoting digestive health. Pistachio reduces the incidents of strokes and heart attacks while promoting a healthy circulatory system. It improves metabolism and reliefs constipation. It can also promote cellular repair and growth thus good in wound healing.

Almond- is a best source of antioxidants such as vitamin E. With just a gram of saturated fay and 13 grams of good fats this yummy nut can be eaten alone or mix with various dishes. Almonds also contain calcium, dietary fiber and can help control cholesterol levels while maintaining a healthy heart.

Walnut- contains cancer-fighting agents that are abundant with unique powerful antioxidants. Walnuts support brain and heart health. It can also help improved the functions of male reproductive system and found to be excellent in weight management.

Heritage products are all packed with natural goodness, have high nutritional value, contain no preservatives, nitrogen flashed and machine packed to maintain excellent quality and freshness.

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