Gangnam Wings Reload with Best Korean Dishes

MANDALUYONG CITY – Reloaded with media partners, and bloggers, Gangnam Wings (GW) had successfully launched their new chicken menus at the Megastrip Building A of SM Megamall, Ortigas Center.

Along with the media launch of the Korean restobar, they also held the "Lord of the Wings" Challenge where three big-stomach foodies had competed to eat a kilo of chicken wings within five minutes. 

Mr. Lord Ancheta won the challenge eating a total of six chicken wings.

Mr. Lord Ancheto as he received his token shirt for winning the “Lord of the Wings” Challenge.

They also conducted the ‘Battle of the Wings” where there are two sets of five blind-folded customers to choose their preferred chicken wings labelled BRAND A and BRAND B as they do the taste test.  As a result, eight out of ten people chose Brand A which was later on revealed as Gangnam Wings.

Gangnam Wings aim to distinguish itself from the wide choice of chicken dishes offered by the competing chicken joints by using the company’s proprietary double-frying and hand-brushing techniques that gives a distinct taste to their food.

Chicken recipes of GWs’ main product line like Gangnam Original (Crispy) Wings, Gangnam Yangnyum (Sweet) Wings, Gangnam Spicy (Spicy and Sweet) Wings, and Gangnam Ganjang (Soya) Wings were served during the aforementioned event.

They also offer a wide selection of authentic Korean dishes and fusion to meet the taste of every Filipino like Yangpa Bomb, Kimchi Fries, Japchae Noodles, Budae JJigae and a unique range of fruit-infused Soju cocktails and Bingsu desserts.

GW have its new product lines to complement their best-selling Korean dishes with a combination of western cuisines like the cheese chicken salad; spicy teriyaki chicken salad; Bulgogi Burger; Beef Bulgogi Sandwich, Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich; Kimchi Con Carne Fries; Buffalo Wings, among others.

The Gangnam Wings Restobar in SM Megamall was creatively designed as they put grills in its interior with lots of artificial plants lit warmly so as to make it look more warm and cozy that will enhance the dining experience of each customers.

– Mr. Rinky Tuano, President-CEO of GW and Ms. Jennie Villanueva, Marketing Manager do the FINGER HEART sign.

According to Ms. Jennie Villanueva, Marketing Manager of Gangnam Wings, their product line is an influence of authentic Korean cuisine with a little bit of Western fusion which makes it a unique combo that Filipinos, being food lovers, will truly enjoy. She also mentioned that there is more to the finger heart sign Koreans are mostly accustomed to, that we know, as it is not just about the tip of the thumb and forefinger that represents the heart, rather it is the whole hand gesture that puts emphasis on the actual heart shape, and it symbolizes their sincerity as a company to provide the love for Korean food authenticity, good food, good service.

"We're just eight months old. It was December 8, 2016 when Gangnam Wings was first opened. The concept came from Singapore and we did the business development. We went to Korea, specifically in Gangnam District where you can see lots of chicken businesses. This (the GW branch in SM Megamall) is our pioneer branch and we’re looking forward to expand GW branches in Mall of Asia, Iloilo, and Pampanga in the coming years," Mr. Rinky Tuano, President-CEO of Gangnam Wings says.