Sun Life Live Brighter with Apprentice Asia Jonathan Yabut

I always look forward to attending Sun Life’s sessions. It never fail to excites me if I get a chance to be part of it but when I realized that Jonathan Yabut will be the main speaker for the Live Brighter session this May the excitement turns into extreme anticipation.

I admit I am a big fan of The Apprentice more so when the Asian edition came out and I watched Jonathan Yabut worked his magic into each challenge and his character really wowed the big boss Tony Fernandes.

Held at the cozy events and workspace A-Space in Makati City, the Live Brighter Session last May 24 was a very intimate and successful event. Invited bloggers (including me), upcoming Sun Life advisors and young working people were part of the audience. The session was very interactive, with live acoustic performance, good food and when Jonathan Yabut finally hits the spot everyone stopped what they’re doing and center all attention to him.
Who is Jonathan Yabut?

Jonathan Yabut is the very first The Apprentice Asia grand winner. Apprentice is a popular TV reality search series on AXN wherein the objective is to find the best man that will be the next CEO of a big company.

Jonathan Yabut hailed from the province of Aklan and a graduate of UP. He served as Chief of Staff for Air Asia after winning Apprentice Asia a show hosted by Malaysian business tycoon Tony Fernandes. He now owns his own consultancy business, wrote his own book and a sought after motivational speaker.

Photo-Op with Jonathan Yabut

The Wisdom of Jonathan Yabut at the Live Brighter Session

Let’s define success- “Success is when preparation meets opportunity”. Jonathan quoted this phrase from Seneca. He explained that there are 2 things- predictable and unpredictable things. We all know what are the things that we can predict but the most important one is the unpredictable things. We should all be prepared to anything that will come our way. 

Most unpredictable things come in negative forms and these are necessary ‘evil’ that we should prepare for. Why? Because with unpredictability lies an opportunity to turn the situation around and make use of it in a positive way.
Opportunities come in many forms and no one is born prepared for every one of it. Most valuable opportunity comes once in a lifetime and if we are not prepared we’ll miss a great turning point in our life.

Who needs time management?- From what I’ve learned from the Live Brighter session with Jonathan Yabut the emphasis should not be about time but about the tasks you need to finish in a day. 

You see, regardless of how long or many hours you work each day if you arent’t able to prioritize things then in the end you barely accomplish anything.

Hierarchy of things is the key- make a daily to-do-list and use all you logical reasoning to FILTER OUT the most important things to do that will equate optimum productivity.

Who eats lettuce? Trash your lettuce and be free! Lettuce, we all have it- as Jonathan Yabut describes this unwanted lettuce (just like the lettuces on Delta Airlines that they ditched from the food they serve and saved millions)this could be something or a person the weighs our down. LET GO of things that hinder your happiness and success. Plain and simple- LET GO and be free to soar high!

The Sun Life Live Brighter with Jonathan Yabut has taught me a lot and for sure the other attendees got so much valuable insights too.

Thanks to Sun Life Philippines for their Live Brighter sessions for their financial literacy advocacy. Looking forward to my next session.

Catch JONATHAN YABUT in the upcoming Live Brighter sessions in Davao and Cebu. Be sure to like and follow Sun Life on Facebook and Sun Life Philippines website for more details and to secure your future.

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