BEST Center: Bringing out the best in kids through sports

Getting your child into sports is vital to kids’ overall development. It does not only help them hone their athletic skills and build physical strength. More importantly, it also instils in them the value of self-discipline, camaraderie, teamwork, perseverance and above all, sportsmanship that leads them to become the best that they can be.

SBP National Champion Dela Salle Greenhills

But aside from getting into sports, support from their parents, coaches as well as from school officials is equally important. With proper moral, emotional and financial support as well as time and guidance, kids become better athletes and individuals especially in dealing with both victory and defeat.

Passerelle National Champion Adamson University

This is espoused at the recently concluded SBP-Passerelle, the longest-running twin tournament in the country. Organized by multi-awarded and pioneer of basketball clinics in the country, BEST (Basketball Efficiency and Scientific Training) Center, the twin tournament gives importance on the vital role of parents, coaches and school officials in shaping the kids to become better individuals.

BEST Center founder Nic Jorge with St. John’s Institute’s Dennis Coo

“At BEST Center, we encourage parents to be role models to their kids by imposing good behavior and promoting fair play and sportsmanship,” shared BEST Center founder and former national coach, Nicanor Jorge. “These values will serve as good foundation for the kids to learn from.”

Alexandre Arabia with son Alejandro

Training together are Jeffrey Juanengo with son Jeffrey John

“Full support is vital especially if you want your kids to excel in their sport”, remarked proud father, Alexander Arabia who actively attends his son, Alejandro’s basketball clinic every weekend. “Simple acts such as driving them to practice, silently cheering them on at the sidelines and fetching them afterwards, parents can already get to know more about their kids and vice versa”

For Yuan Pasumbal of International School of Better Beginnings (ISBB), his parents are not the only ones who fully support his passion. All of his three siblings are also present in every competition. “We never miss any game, wherever, whenever they may be”, shared his parents, Fredrick and Reinates Pasumbal. 

BEST Center’s Marilyn Jorge with De La Salle’s Bro. Felipe Belleza

Coaches also play an important role in child development. They are the kids’ role models and are responsible for their performance on the court as well as on how they behave off court.

“Coaches serve as examples for the kids to follow”, quipped coach Ronie Gallo of Ferndale International School of Zamboanga City and whose son, Ronie Dale, is also one of the players of the team. “As both parent and coach, I never play favourites, emphasize the importance of fair play and teach them to accept the results of the game, whether win or lose.”

Vanni and Maricel Jugo  with their sons Camilo (left) and Javi who played for Dela Salle Greenhills’ SBP team and big brother Julian who played for Dela Salle’s Passerelle team

“Sports complement education,” remarked Bro. Felipe Belleza of De La Salle. “While studying sharpens their academic skills, playing sports helps build character. They do not only develop talent but also learn life skills which they can use throughout their lives, regardless of whatever profession or path they choose to take.”

Indeed, sports are more than just platforms where the kids can play and win. It also equips them with wisdom and experience that can help them withstand the adversaries of the future and therefore brings out the best in kids.

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