Sunset Run at SUNPIOLOGY 2016

People nowadays are getting conscious about looking good and being fit. Some have made a vow to change their lifestyle and start a fitness regimen but the sad reality majority of them failed. Why? It is because you cannot force someone into doing something that is not fun to do. That is why when choosing a type of exercise one must consider the fun factor so that it would not seem like a boring chore.

The truth is getting into fitness is really not that hard and anyone can start somewhere. Good thing that Sun Life Financial has come up with Sunpiology Run which has been inspiring people for 8 years now. Sunpiology is a fun run that will provide motivation for you to start living a health and fit life.

Jumpstart you fitness goals by joining this year’s Sunpiology Run- Sugar Wars.

Piolo Pascual for Sunpiology at the recent media event held at Sofitel last October 11. Piolo Pascual talks about his fitness secrets and his passion in inspiring others to become fit and healthy.

This 2016 Sunpiology Run centers on raising awareness on diabetes thus the event is dubbed Sugar Wars. More and more people are starting to develop abnormality in their sugar levels and aside from a healthy diet, regular physical activity such as running will certainly decrease the chances of developing diabetes.

The upcoming Sunpiology 2016 run will happen this November 19 Saturday at the parade grounds of Camp Aguinaldo in Quezon City. This fun run will begin at 4PM and an after-run party event will follow. 

Expect to see the various stars of Star Magic with Inigo Pascual rendering performances while at the same time celebrating the grand launch of his album.

Piolo Pascual will definitely be there to inspire all runners while son Inigo Pascual together with Star Magic celebrities will provide after run entertainment. 

This will be the most exciting run ever since aside from the fun run giveaways and refreshments will be distributed after the run then entertainment will follow.

For more details please visit SUNPIOLOGY website here-http://www.sunpiology.com/

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