AgeWell Club: Embracing Aging Means Living a Happy Life

Aging is a natural process that we all go through in life. No matter how attractive we are or how physically fit we are in our younger years we cannot avoid that physical as well as mental changes will occur- its undeniable that “tatanda din tayong lahat”.

Some may handle aging very well while others lose their self-confidence. It is because there is a stigma that we can deny or admit that the senior citizens are treated as second class group in our society. And by this the senior citizens or older people have lesser opportunities in terms of career, health care, education and social interactions.

Good thing there is one company that shows genuine interest in the senior sector and this is UNILAB who initiated Age Well Club that will address the needs of the senior citizens.

Why should you join AGEWELL CLUB?
Unilab thought about putting up AgeWell Club with the primary objective of supporting the well-being of our seniors. These are the people that belong to the 50 and above age group and they have special needs that are not properly provided for them. 

Joining the AgeWell Club will give senior citizens a new perspective on life by opening new opportunities to rediscover life through various fun filled memories shared among people who can relate most to them. 

Aside from this, AgeWell Club offers talks and seminars that could help create a positive mindset which is crucial in developing a positive attitude towards aging. 

Routine medical check-ups and health talks are part of the Age Well program too which provide individuals 50 years and above direct access to affordable health care ensuring overall good health.

The list on the advantages in joining the Age Well Club may go on and on but the bottom line is UNILAB has the best interest in uplifting the lives of the older people in our society.

Who can join and how to join the Age Well Club?
The wide age range as required by AgeWell club covers individuals who are 50 and above years old. Setting the youngest age to 50 is considered by Unilab in order to positively prepare people in their 50s in the transition period towards the age of retirement. While senior citizens in their 60s and above are encourage to join since Age Well Club is designed to enriched their lives and promote healthy lifestyle.

Joining AgeWell Club is easy!

  • Fill out the AgeWell Membership Form

  • Pay the Php1,000 annual membership fee. This can be a one-time full payment or in batches of 3 amounts. The payment may be done through a bank deposit or by paying cash during one of the monthly learning sessions.

  • Bank Deposit Details

    Bank: Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)
    Checking Account Number: 0181045191
    Account Name: Unilab Active Health, Inc.

  • Please email the scanned copy or photo of your deposit slip to You may also give the deposit slip to an AgeWell representative in one of the monthly learning sessions.
Visit AgeWell CLub official website for more information and like them on AgeWell Club Facebook for updates.

AgeWell is a platform of Unilab, the biggest pharmaceutical and healthcare company in the Philippines, with a presence in ten countries in the region, including Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and China.

Unilab’s portfolio of more than 350 brands includes some of the biggest prescription and consumer healthcare in the Philippines.