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Every family would want to provide the best future for their children. One initiative to take is to set aside a portion of earnings and save it. That is why here in the Philippines, savings account is a very popular choice of assurance for whatever future plans or for immediate needs. 

Aside from having savings bank accounts, there are other forms of best investments options. These viable investments may come as mutual funds, stocks, pension plans and other insurances that are deemed to secure a good future but the most pertinent of all is the actual financial planning.

Financial planning entails considerations of one’s immediate financial needs, goals, income and expenses while having an overview of what could be the best moneywise investment. 

Anyone could plan his own finances and start on having investments but having someone to give you sound expert advice is very significant since this will provide you with your own vision as to where you want to be in the future in terms of your financial goal and this is where Sun Life Philippines comes in to picture. 

At the recently held financial workshop dubbed as “Rise Towards Money 4 Life” held at Shangri-La Makati Hotel, Sun Life Philippines discussed the importance of financial planning for anyone regardless of age or status in life. With good planning comes financial independence and this should be the aim of every Filipino specially that it is the Month of Financial Independence for Sun Life Philippines.

Gone are the days of purely putting money in the bank as savings since there are varied options that one could choose from. In fact, saving and investing could go hand in hand if you know where and how much money should you invest.

Savings versus Investing

Most Pinoys have their own bank account utilized for various objectives but ultimately bank savings are for immediate or short term just like saving up for something you need to buy in the near future. While on the other hand, an investment could prepare you for your and your family’s future like retirement, acquiring a new property or for a new car meaning it is for long-term planning.

At Sun Life Financial Philippines,  you could start investing in as little as 5 thousand pesos budget. Sun Life Financial offers mutual funds or otherwise known as Prosperity Funds. With an impeccable accounting system that complies with International Accounting Standards (IAS) and a mother company MFS Investment Management that invented mutual funds in the US, you can be sure that your investment is being handled by the experts when it comes to financial investments. 

Choose the best Sun Life Financial Investment for you
Sun Life Financial has your best interest in mind and offers sound investments that could benefit any type of investor. Whether you are planning to start investing a small amount or comfortable investing a larger amount, Sun Life Financial through its qualified and friendly advisers you will be able to get your financial goals on its way to fulfillment. 

Sun Life’s mutual funds online is the best when it comes to online investment. You can easily add, transfer and redeem at any time.

  • Sun Life Prosperity Funds- This is yet the most affordable and easy investment plan for Pinoys, imagine you can even invest with only 5,000 pesos. This best starter investment plan offers flexibility and affordability with higher potential earnings. In a about a year you could choose to divert your investment into other options of up to four times- this how flexible Sun Life’s prosperity fund is.
  • Sun Life Mutual Funds- will pool together investments from various investors like you. Gathered resources will now be invested in different securities with regards to investment objective. Mutual fund company such as Sun Life will issue shares representing their clients. Investors can gain profit by selling their stocks. Mutual funds are excellent for long term investments.
  • Sun Life Pre-need Plans- as a subsidized of Sun Life Canada- Philippines, this company offers various pre-need plans targeting various financial issues by providing solutions that caters to any individual. From educational to pension plans, Sun Life now offers health plans named aptly as Sun Healthier Life.  Their health plan is the most convenient and very affordable too.
You need to talk with a Sun Life Financial Advisor. Getting a straight forward financial advice from a certified Sun Life advisor could mean a big difference in terms of personal finance counselling and the means to achieve financial goals. Some would rather chose not to speak face to face with a financial advisor because of intimidation or misconceptions but good thing Sun Life Financial Philippines took a huge step in reaching out to all Filipinos via their online portal.

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