Breakfast and Baon in a Breeze by Good Housekeeping and Ajinomoto Amino Fres-C

Good Housekeeping Philippines Breakfast and Baon in a Breeze

Good Housekeeping the leading home and food magazine in the Philippines teamed up with Ajinomoto Amino Fres-C juice drink in an event entitled “Breakfast and Baon in a Breeze” which happened last July 26 at Robinsons Galleria. Attended by Good Housekeeping readers and foodie mommies the event features food editor and chef Roselle Miranda wherein she demonstrated practical ways in preparing breakfast and baon for school kids.

 Food editor and chef Roselle Miranda in action on the stage

We all know that meal planning for kids is a daunting task for mothers and homemakers who are very busy with more tasks around the house. With this said, they end up preparing baon and breakfast meals that are quick and easy such as processed fried foods that are high in calories and fat content.

Good thing that our favorite magazine from Summit Media Good Housekeeping and Amino Fres-C by Ajinomoto hosted this event with the objective of educating parents and guardians of  the importance of serving healthy breakfast and baon for school children.

Happy to get my Ajinomoto and Good Housekeeping giveaways

Happy mommies participated on an exciting Ajinomoto game

Participants listen attentively to chef Roselle tips on healthy eating

Chef Roselle showed us ways to perk up breakfast meals and baon by using various ingredients and improving food taste. We all learned that adding cheese and kid-friendly ingredients such as corn, peas and ham could really make a difference in terms of food taste and texture.

Food tasting time

Creative dishes for kids’ breakfast and baon





Ajinomoto Fres-C Juice Drink- a welcome healthy addition to kids’ baon for school

Cups of tasty Amino Fres-C juice were served during the event and we could all agree that it is very delicious. Kids approved fruity flavors in mango, orange and pineapple captured the children’s preference in juice drink- slightly sweet, with hints of fruity sourness and refreshingly good. 

To make it even better Ajinomoto has fortified AMINO FRES-C juice with branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) to keep bones and muscle healthy, boosts immune system and provide extra energy that support the active lifestyle of kids nowadays. Not only that, Amino Fres-C juices have 70% fewer calories than popular powdered juice drinks in the market and yet taste even better. 

So mommies next time you prepare baon and breakfast for your children give them AMINO FRES-C juices for their baon and let them enjoy the healthy goodness of their fruit juice drink.
Ajinomoto Amino Fres-C powder juice drink comes in Mango, Pineapple and Orange flavors. It is very affordable and retails for only 8 pesos per liter pack.

Learn more about AJINOMOTO safe and quality food products by visiting the Ajinomoto Philippines website.

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