Stylish and Comfy UNIQLO Sport Utility Wear

 Japanese global apparel retailer UNIQLO launches its latest Sport Utility Wear (SUW) collection that features high-quality and functional pieces that allow everyone to stay active and move freely in their own way. Composed of a variety of stylish, high-performance essentials designed for comfort, the new collection allows individuals to make all the best moves, wherever they are and whatever they do.


This season we see more pieces incorporate UNIQLO’s signature AIRism and DRY-EX fabrics, keeping one cool especially during intense activities and warmer climates.

These pieces are made for different activities beyond sports. With the perfect pieces that combine functionality and style, UNIQLO SUW has got your everyday activities covered.



Made for different activities beyond sports, stay comfortable and stylish with these pieces from the Sport Utility Wear collection:


Women’s AIRism Soft UV Protection Pocket Leggings

The smooth AIRism fabric is infused with moisture-wicking DRY technology, Cool Touch, and UV protection features. These light and comfortable leggings have been updated with more stretch at the waist for easier dressing. The stylish and relaxed look is perfect for unwinding at the park on a quiet afternoon.

Now available at Php 1,490.00

AIRism Cotton UV Protection Crew Neck T-Shirt

AIRism fabric brings comfort all day with its highly breathable, Cool Touch, and quick-drying properties. The added UV protection secures the wearer from the harsh rays of the sun. Wear this on the next coffee run.

Now available at Php 990.00

Ultra Stretch AIRism Easy Pants

The smooth AIRism mesh works with DRY technology to bring a lightweight and breathable feel. Its Ultra Stretch fabric goes in all directions for easy movement, an essential feature for doing errands all day.

Now available at Php 990.00

DRY-EX Short Sleeve Polo Shirt

This shirt is a highly functional and comfortable top perfect for rigorous activities. The DRY-EX function, Cool Touch technology, and ergonomically placed mesh sections provide extra breathability. It also has Odor-control properties that guarantee freshness even from extreme heat.

Now available at Php 990.00


DRY-EX UV Protection Full-Zip Long Sleeve Jacket

This jacket protects the wearer from unpredictable weather conditions, making it perfect for everyday use. The DRY-EX technology and UV protection properties block the sun’s rays, while the material brings warmth and comfort when the day turns windy. Whatever the season, its Ultra Stretch fabric and contoured knit bring breathability.

Now available at Php 1490.00


Kids’ DRY-EX Crew Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Active kids can wear the DRY-EX Crew Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt to stay fresh on Sundays with the family. It wicks sweat instantly while its odor-control features keep them smelling good all day.

Now available at Php 590.00

Women’s Dry Sweat Jogger Pants

These elegant jogger pants in a sophisticated fabric and silhouette are great for going to the movies. The stretchy fabric brings comfort, while the subtle sheen gives a premium look. It has a DRY technology feature that is a must for warmer days.

Now available at Php 1,490.00

Women’s Dry Sweat Tucked Tapered Pants

Going to the grocery can still be an opportunity to look stylish. These pants come in stylish neutral colors and go perfectly with cropped tops. The DRY technology and the blended fabric offer a high-quality and durable texture for a comfortable fit. The tucked design is made for ease of movement and streamlined appearance.

Now available at Php 990.00


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