Hamilo Coast Mangrove Preservation


Hamilo Coast through its developer, SM Prime’s Costa Del Hamilo, Inc. safeguards a 20-hectare mangrove forest, the largest of its kind in Nasugbu, Batangas. Together with the World Wildlife Fund for Nature Philippines (WWF-Philippines), Hamilo Coast continues to preserve over 50,000 mangrove trees to date as it remains committed to its advocacy for environmental and social sustainability.


Besides stabilizing the shoreline against erosion, storm surges and typhoons, conservationists also believe that of all coastal ecosystems, mangrove preservation is a sound investment due to its high adaptive capacity to climate change.

Mangroves act as marine sanctuaries for a massive diversity of fish and underwater creatures. These habitat-forming species take refuge in this protective nursery where they often thrive at the interface of open water and the terrestrial environment.


The mangrove forest at Hamilo Coast remains an inspiring reminder of how a well-planned and well-executed development and nature can co-exist in harmony — to provide a most wholesome beach resort living and an excellent lifestyle choice.

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