FERN C the leading non-acidic vitamin C is now with STADA Philippines

Getting your defenses up is the best way to counter any challenges in life and same is true when it comes to health. With a healthy lifestyle and good supplementation one can achieve an overall good health. Great thing there’s FERN C, a trusted brand of non-acidic vitamin c in the Philippines for over 15 years.

After announcing recent acquisitions and partnerships in Europe, the STADA Group is also expanding its portfolio in the Asia-Pacific region. As the global manufacturer of high-quality generic drugs and consumer healthcare products announced recently, STADA is set to acquire the FERN C portfolio in the Philippines, the leading non-acidic brand in the growing local vitamin C market- FERN C and for children FERN C Kidz and Kiddimin.

Sharmaine Abarientos, General Manager of STADA Philippines, adds: “FERN C has not only an established brand heritage, but also a complete range for adults as well as for the pediatric application. With FERN C in our portfolio, we will establish a strong consumer healthcare platform to launch other quality medicines as well and provide better health for all Filipinos. With our successful portfolio expansion activities, we are able to offer quality medicines at reasonable prices, across all segments of healthcare; specialty, generics and consumer health.”

This acquisition will make FERN C have a stronger market presence since it is now available in leading drugstore such as Watson’s and Mercury reaching more Filipinos.

STADA has a long history of selling pharmaceutical products into the Philippines, formerly through Croma Medic Inc., which was recently renamed as STADA Philippines. “After having formally launched STADA Philippines, we are now fully enabled to execute our growth ambitions in this market as well. The acquisition of FERN C will help us to succeed. The acquisition of these products is in line with our strategy of strengthening our portfolio with well-established consumer healthcare brands and also expanding in selected emerging markets”, states STADA CEO Peter Goldschmidt.