The Ultimate Unli K-BQQ at The Premier Samgyupsal San Juan


We Pinoys love to celebrate over good food. Whether there is a birthday, a get together or a simple bonding with friends or family- food becomes synonymous to joyous occasions and this is when the popularity of samgyeopsal comes into our eating culture.

Nowadays, there are a lot of food choices and unlimited samgyupsal is one of the most favored dining options for Pinoys. Simply because, we love to eat while bonding with our family or friends. Most Filipinos take time to enjoy good food and dining at the Premier Samgyupsal San Juan is just perfect for this kind of bonding experience.


Whether you favor hot pot like shabu-shabu or unli Korean bbq, The Premier Samgyupsal San Juan is the best place to indulge these Korean food cravings.

What makes Premier Samgyupsal San Juan different is the quality of meats they serve. 

The unli-mix K-bbq deal comes with 8 types of good quality meat including USDA certified Woosamgyup (beef) and Dry-Aged Samgyupsal(pork belly)which are premium meats that you’ll not find in most unli samgyupsal restaurants around. You’ll taste the difference for the very first bite. BTW, the cheese dip here is pure mozzarella- how can you not resist dipping your grilled meat in it, wow!

Aside from the main offerings which are the meats, Premier Samgyupsal San Juan offers a good variety of Korean appetizers. 

And when I say good, I think they are the only samgyupsal unli resto that offers up to 15 kinds of appetizers and side dishes that includes Korean seafood soup. The appetizers here are yummy too. Winner!

The entire restaurant ambiance has a friendly homey vibe that made our dining experience more pleasant and enjoyable. 

The seats are very comfy and the table grill works well even while grilling meats with almost no smoke. The air-conditioning too is excellent. The dining area has good lighting and quite spacious.

The PREMIER SAMGYUPSAL SAN JUAN definitely is value for money. A place for great Korean BBQ and shabu-shabu experience that you’ll be happy to dine in.

I personally enjoyed my time there and would always come back since I live in the area. Thank you Premier Samgyupsal San Juan- now my search for the best Korean bbq in san juan is over. Annyeonghaseyo!

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