Ramen Nagi Nuvali: Best Ramen House in the South

What it is about ramen that I go gaga each time I am having one? Is it the noodles? The ingredients or the soup base? Or perhaps the place where I’m having my ramen? Found all the answers when I finally had the best ramen bowl from Ramen Nagi Nuvali.

Finally, Ramen Nagi Solenad Nuvali is now open. This is good news to all ramen lovers from the south and also for people who love traveling to Nuvali.

Upon reaching Solenad you’ll first notice the quaint noodle place Ramen Nagi Nuvali. The restaurant is very inviting with cozy interior. There are outdoor dining sections too for those who want to dine al fresco.

Ramen Nagi in Nuvali depicts typical ramen houses you’ll see in Japan since this restaurant was established there.

It adheres to strict way of cooking with authentic ingredients that truly brings out the true flavors of real Japanese ramen that we all crave for. Ramen Nagi Nuvali ends the competition when it comes to best tasting ramen in the south.

I ordered the Black King Ramen. It was my first time to try it. It intrigued me the most among the other ramen dishes on ramen nagi menu.

Aside from my black ramen, I also enjoyed the ramen nagi salad and the chicken kaarage. The sidings of eggs (Tamago) and Nori made my ramen even more interesting. 

Ramen Nagi Nuvali is situated in an idyllic property and the nice ambiance can truly make your ramen memorable. 

So if you are from the south or simply want to drive down south, make sure to experience Ramen Nagi Nuvali and taste the best ramen in the south.

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