Zoom Courier: Reliable Courier Service for Filipinos

Shopping online is now the in thing since majority of Filipinos has internet access from virtually everywhere. Retail therapy (shopping) is becoming a trend among many women and the shopping all starts with just a click of a button on online stores.

We can’t deny that the digital age has changed the landscape of how we shop today through online shopping. It’s the most easiest and convenient way to purchase things where most people are busy with more important stuff. And to make online shopping a happy experience online stores or online entrepreneurs must have a reliable courier service and this is where ZOOM Courier is valuable.

Zoom Courier VERSUS other courier services: Why choose ZOOM Courier Philippines for your online shopping business-

Yes, there are popular couriers in the Philippines with such huge brand names but in reality the sad truth still exist that online shoppers are not totally satisfied with these couriers. And these are among the issues they complain about their delivery service:

😠 mishandled merchandise- imagine ordering a body cologne or shampoo online and upon opening your package the cologne or shampoo is spilling all over inside the package. At ZOOM COURIER they will make sure that each package or parcel is handled with utmost care ensuring sender and addressee will get their items in good condition.

😠 delayed deliveries- this is the most common problem in ordering online. Even if the online shop or online seller partnered with a ‘big’ name courier the tendency of delayed delivery is always there. Why? One of the reason might be that these popular courier services have subcon companies or individuals that do the delivery for them. Unlike zoom courier, that has an employed delivery personnel ZOOM can directly monitor each delivery. Amazingly, ZOOM has more than 50 riders (and will be adding more) strategically located within Metro Manila.

😠 hidden or additional charges- sometimes online sellers or even buyers encounter having to pay extra for their delivery charges. But with zoom courier whatever amount is charged that is the only amount a customer will pay with no additional charges. 

😠 no pick-ups- most delivery service companies would require shipper to bring their parcel/package at a certain location but with zoom courier they’ll be happy to pick-up the items that you will ship from your location with no extra charge- yes no charge at all. That’s total convenience.

Getting to know ZOOM Courier PH

Zoom Courier or Zoom Celero Couriers Inc. was established last February 2016 by people who are experts in the courier service industry and technology. 
Their primary objective is to provide the highest quality of service in terms of door–to-door pick-up and delivery of documents, packages, and larger shipment of products across the country at the fastest time possible, at an affordable price.
For online businesses or individual retailer or seller Zoom can be easily integrated into any e-commerce platform. Zoom Courier is a reliable, competitive, and effective courier service company.

ZOOM Courier rates for metro manila
Learn how ZOOM could make doing business online so easy. Visit the ZOOM Courier Official website or better get some updates on Zoom Courier Facebook page

email ZOOM Courier at info@zoomcourier.ph
For Booking and Rate Inquiry:
Sales Hotline Number:
GLOBE: 0995 135 0340
SMART/ SUN: 0928 964 6558


  1. ayusin nyo naman system nyo grabe nagpapabook ka walang pick up anu ba yan...paulit ulit n lna kung di nyo kaya i accomodate lahat huwag na kayong mag operate nakakasira kayo ng negosyo.. konti lang kita namain sa dinideliver nyo tapos masisisra pa kami sa buyer kasi delay kayo ng delay pick up pa lang yan ha paano pag delivery na

  2. Quite informative post about Reliable Courier Service for Filipinos. Keep sharing such details here. For almost every business the courier services are beneficial because they leverage them in many ways. From the best Delivery services Fort Worth company we also have made yearly deal. Hoping that they will provide good service for us so that we can work together for many more years.


  4. Zoom courier! Come on! keep calling the customer service pero di sumasagot, even sa email! so far ng ppick up sila at nadeliver naman ung item. Pero ung COD ko di pa nila nrremit!! 2 to 3 days daw pero almost 3 weeks na wala pa din!


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