5 Reasons Why Gangnam Wings is the Best Korean Fried Chicken in the Philippines

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When we talk about Korean chicken wings there are only a few names that come to mind probably most of us have already tasted their wings from time to time. But have you thought about if their wings are good enough?

Great news to all Korean food and chicken wings lovers out there since GANGNAM WINGS is finally open. Now we can all enjoy authentic korean fried chicken wings the way it should be. But why gangnam wings?

Gangnam Wings Sweet Spicy Korean Chicken Wings

5 reasons why Gangnam Wings is the best Korean Chicken Wings

1. Gangnam Wings has its own Korean chef. This reason alone would send Korean foodies running to Gangnam Wings in no time. The thing is most Korean restaurants around do not have an in-house Korean chef that can deliver the genuine taste of the food. At Gangnam Wings you can be assured of high quality standards in the preparation as well as cooking of your favorite Korean dishes including the popular Korean fried chicken wings since Chef Jung is in the house.

Korean Chef Jung of Gangnam Wings- he will cook for you!

2. Gangnam Wings offers authentic Korean fried chicken and other popular Korean dishes. Regardless you love the famous gangnam wings or enjoy having good Jap-chae with Korean chef Jung around you will have the best Korean meal each time you dine at Gangnam Wings.

Gangnam Wings- Korean Crispy Fried Chicken

Gangnam Wings- Korean Spicy Wings

3. Gangnam Wings will always serve quality dishes with impeccable taste. Gangnam Wings import most of their condiments and other ingredients direct from Korea to make each dish authentic as how it should be. Vegetables, meats and other produce are locally source fresh and with Chef Jung around he will make sure that what comes out of the kitchen is just perfect for the diners to enjoy.

Pajeon or Korean Seafood Pancake

Jap Chae Korean glass noodles

Spicy Seafood Noodles- very hot!

4. At Gangnam Wings you’ve got value for money. Their authentic korean chicken wings are well-seasoned, perfectly fried and are huge- Gangnam Wings probably is the only true Korean restaurant that offers big chicken wing pieces that taste so good which means you are getting your money’s worth. Aside from their famous authentic Korean chicken wings Chef Jung of Gangnam Wings also serves authentic Korean dishes such as Pajeon (Korean Pancake, Spicy Seafood Noodles, bingsu and a lot more. Gangnam Wings popular Korean dishes are good for sharing and that’s value for money.

Bulgogi Fries

Yangpa Bomb is a large onion deep fried that is very good to eat.

Teokbokki Korean Rice Cake with Noodles in Spicy Soup with cheese

5. Gangnam Wings is a great place to chill and enjoy good Korean food. This new Korean restaurant in Megamall is not only a good place to enjoy authentic Korean food but it is also a fun joint to chill out with friends. Noteworthy to know that Gangnam Wings is the very first restaurant in the country to offer the famous Korean watermelon soju drink along with other sojus, Korean wine and local beers. Plus they closes pretty late like 1am during weekdays and around 3am on weekends.

Rock Melon Bingsu

Chocolate Oreo Mango Bingsu

Korean Yakult Soju

Watermelon Soju- cool booze

There are more reasons to eat at Gangnam Wings but it would be better if you’ll find it out yourself. So please do check out GANGNAM WINGS at the Megastrip Building A of SM Megamall just beside SB. 


 After our hearty Korean feast it is time to chill!

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