Sandaya Yakiniku Fisher Mall Grand Opening

The Best Japanese Restaurant is Now Open

Sandaya Fisher Mall: Ultimate place for Authentic Japanese Cuisine

November 30,2014 at Fisher Mall along Quezon Avenue a gastronomical event took place. Sandaya Yakiniku restaurant is now officially open for business.

I was lucky to be invited by Macy Santos a big Zomato foodie reviewer aka MissKeenReviewer and an awesome blogger to tag along at this event since she received a personal invite from Sandaya's management to witness the grand opening of this restaurant.

I am having so much fun grilling my Wagyu beef. So tender and juicy.

The interior at Sandaya is something to brag about knowing how lavish the furnishing including the fixtures in this restaurant. The place got filled in quickly with VIP guests clamoring to have a taste of what Sandaya Fisher Mall has to offer.

Along with the posh restaurant interior, the food is something to die for.  Each dish they served is an art itself. All looked good and tasted delicately delicious. I can clearly tell the authenticity of their dish from the preparation, to cooking, to serving and ingredients used along with the sauces.

SANDAYA Fisher Mall YAKINIKU Set with choice top grade imported meats. Grill it at your heart's delight.


Sanaday Gyoza is special than the usual ones you'll find.

When looking for a place to get full Japanese Yakiniku satisfaction Sandaya Fisher Mall is the ultimate place to be.

Visit them for your casual dining or even held special occasions there. You can even chill at the outdoor sitting area with your favorite Japanese beer while grilling top choice meat with your friends.

Sandaya Yakiniku Japanese/Korean Restaurant is at the 3rd level of Fisher Mall along Quezon Avenue with contact number 287 8984. You can also check them out at their Sandaya Facebook page.


  1. Sounds so irresistible. For sure I'll take my family for a dinner treat there. Thanks.


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